Paella and Rice Dishes in Spain

December 20, 2022

Paella and Rice Dishes in Spain

What do you know about Paella and Rice Dishes?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have given you an idea of which tapas to try and suggested some of the best local places to go
here in Cómpeta, where Villa Andalucía is located.

You may have noticed that we have not mentioned paella, the age-old Spanish favourite! Not exactly a traditional dish here in the Málaga province but it is certainly enjoyed by the locals and tourists in Cómpeta, all the same, it’s a very traditional part of any holiday to Spain.

During our local festivities in Cómpeta you will always find Paella been cooked in one of those massive dishes, and being stirred by several people, especially on Noche del Vino also known as the Night of the Wine.

So, what do you know about Paella and the rice dishes of Spain?

What do you know about Paella and rice dishes of Spain? Large paella with peppers
What do you know about Paella and rice dishes of Spain? Large paella with peppers

Paella is originally from Valencia and traditionally made without a trace of seafood. Paella for purists consists of round grain rice, I particularly like the “Bomba” variety available in most big supermarkets here in Spain If you´d like to try it at home. 

Green beans, rabbit, chicken, sometimes duck, and Artichokes may be used as a seasonal ingredient. However things have certainly
changed over the years and the paellas we tend to see on menus these days are either mixed (paella mixta ), fish and meat or seafood alone (Paella de marisco ).

I have been coming to Spain since I was 6 months old with my parents but I never got to try Paella until I was in my late 30’s!

What have I been missing all these years?

The wonderful taste of Paella!

Other popular variations of paella are cooked all through the Mediterranean area, the rest of Spain and internationally. Variations on the original are really known in Spain as “arroz” or just simply “Rice”. If you want to impress your waiter, you can order an “arroz negro” or an “arroz caldoso” marking the distinct cultural difference between arroz and Paella.

black rice dish

Arroz Negro (Black Rice)

A very popular rice dish, cooked with squid ink and, therefore, black in colour. It has a very distinctive taste that Spaniards love, so if you are feeling adventurous, go for it! A good arroz negro should be served with a good aioli and a large glass of cool crisp white wine!

soupy rice dsh

Arroz Caldoso (Soupy Rice)

Arroz Caldoso, a soupy dish, which can be seafood or meat-based. This rice dish can be more flavoursome and is sometimes considered to be the original way of cooking.


While you’re in Competa, don´t hesitate to ask us our recommendations for all the local dishes to be tried both in the village and further afield!

Go and have a look at what DINING options you can have whilst staying at Villa Andalucía.

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