Cómpeta Art Walk 2022

July 4, 2022

Cómpeta Art Walk 2022

Where does it take place and when ?

Cómpeta Art Walk is taking place between Friday 16th, Saturday 17th, and Sunday 18th September 2022. 

We now have the following information. 

Exhibitions’ opening hours:
Friday: 11AM – 7PM
Saturday: 10AM – 7PM
Sunday: 10AM – 7PM
Some exhibitors will be taking a short break, this time it is optional: 2-4 PM each day.
As soon as I have more information I will update this blog.

Please carry on reading to see what happened in 2019. 

Three full days where you are able to see and meet many international sculptors, artists, and craft persons plus local residents who like to take part.

I have not missed a single one since it started, this will be the 13th event.

For those of you who have not experienced it before, exhibits are located in different central locations in the heart of our lovely village of Cómpeta.  You are able to follow a route around the village to see the exhibitors in action creating their masterpieces and ask questions about their work. or you can go to specific venues that you know you are interested in. 

PLUS whilst wandering along the cobbled streets you will be able to see more of our mountainous village that you might not have seen before. You will be surprised how many artists live in Cómpeta and open their doors and gardens for this event, alongside the several galleries we have in Cómpeta. 

Hooray Cómpeta Art Walk is happening again this year!

I am so pleased to be able to tell you about Cómpeta Art Walk this year.

I know I missed it over the last two years and so have many other Cómpetonians, ex-pats, and of course all the artists that take part every year.

It is possible to get to see all the venues in one day, but it is more fun and enjoyable to take your time and wander around the exhibits over a couple of days. Why not take a staycation if you are living in Andalucía, or from further afield in Spain. It is not too late for you to book a flight and spend longer than a few days. And come and stay at Villa Andalucía.

As mentioned above some exhibitors will be taking a break between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm so they can have a siesta, you may want to do the same. And this is no hardship if you are staying at Villa Andalucía as we are literally only a few minutes’ walk from the local galleries and some of the municipal buildings that they will be using. I do still have some availability for these dates, here you can check out which ROOMS are still free.

In previous years our local musicians have also entertained us whilst we are walking around the village, hopefully, this will happen again, I do know there is entertainment on in Plaza Almijara on Saturday night, it may be worthwhile reserving your table if you are staying in the village, I could do this for you, anything to make your stay hassle-free at Villa Andalucía.

As soon as more details come available I will update this blog. 

I am really looking forward to the Art Walk and getting out and about in the village, and hopefully seeing some of you at Villa Andalucía.

Here is a LINK to the blog I wrote in 2019 if you are interested.

artwalk 2


Here is the LINK for you to check out what dates are available

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