Explore Nerja, a vibrant Spanish town boasting pristine beaches, awe-inspiring caves, and gastronomic delights.

Nestled amidst the beauty of the Spanish coast, Nerja is a charming and vibrant town just a 40-minute journey away from Villa Andalucía. Adjacent to Nerja lies Maro, a quaint village that shares with its neighbour an impressive 13 kilometres of pristine beaches and beautiful coves. These stretches are punctuated by charming, family-operated Chiringuitos, where you can feast on sizzling Espetos – barbecued sardines – for around €6, or sample other locally-caught seafood.

What can you do in Nerja?

A must-visit attraction in the vicinity are the astonishing Caves (Cuevas de Nerja), which, despite their grand scale, remained undiscovered until 1960!! Located just a stone’s throw from the town, these awe-inspiring subterranean chambers offer a fascinating exploration opportunity. With luck, your visit may coincide with one of the exclusive concerts or ballet performances held within the caves’ natural amphitheater. The caves remain accessible year-round, presenting an intriguing indoor alternative when the weather is less favourable.

One of the main attractions to consider is the Balcony of Europe (Balcon de Europa), a large mirador offering panoramic views of the gorgeous blue Mediterranean Sea. It’s an ideal spot for leisurely strolls, romantic sunset views, or simply relaxing while savouring the picturesque vista.

For nature enthusiasts, the River Chillar hike is an unforgettable experience. This river walk, with water levels varying from ankle to waist height, provides an exhilarating mix of adventure and natural beauty, making it an excellent option for active visitors. (NOTE: Currently closed Oct 2023, will update when open)

Finally, immerse yourself in the rich history of the area by visiting the Museum of Nerja. It showcases the town’s past through exhibits ranging from prehistoric times to the present, including artifacts from the famous Caves. The museum’s engaging displays will further enrich your appreciation of this lovely Spanish town. 

Where to eat

The town itself is a hub of gastronomy, boasting around 200 bars and restaurants that offer a tantalising array of local and international dishes. Check out TripAdvisor by clicking here to find your ideal spot for lunch or dinner.

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