Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Cómpeta is so lucky to have, at this moment in time, a total of 24 bars and restaurants. With 10 restaurants, as well as bars and hotels that offer dining, you are actually spoilt for choice.

I say to my guests you never need to go back to the same place twice if you are here for more than 2 weeks, and there is nowhere I would not recommend.

During the summer months it is always advisable to make a reservation, If you would like me to do this for you consider it done, just let me know which one, how many for and at what time, and this will be sorted prior to your arrival.

Restaurante El Pámpano is another fabulous place to go, the largest restaurant in Cómpeta, with a very large terrace and large dining room.

The choice of food is very good and plenty of choice and the starters are quite substantial, so too are the main courses, they are all well presented.

The staff are very attentive and friendly.

It is in an excellent location and only about a 18 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

El Pampano

Closed on Mondays

exclusive dining at villa andalucia Restaurante de Pampano
El pilon restaurant competa

One of the many well-known restaurants here in Cómpeta and it is only about 10 minutes walk from Villa Andalucía.

From the top floor you have excellent views.

The food and wine are really good and the prices are reasonable. All the staff are very friendly and helpful throughout. Good selection of choices across all courses.

El Pilón comes highly recommended from my previous guests.

This restaurant is not suitable for persons with walking impairments or in wheelchairs, there are a lot of steep stairs to navigate.

El Pilon

In winter closed on Tuesdays and Sunday evenings

This delightful restaurante is only a short stroll from Villa Andalucia.

It has a beautiful terrace and views down to the coast. It doesn’t matter where you sit, upstairs or downstairs the views are amazing.

The staff are very attentive and friendly, some guests like going to El Cortijo as it slightly different in the fact you do not get tapas here and you are able to have your steak cooked on a hot stone by yourself at the table.

El Cortijo

Closed on Mondays

cortijo paco restaurant in competa
casa pacos restaurant competa

Also one of the well-known restaurants in Cómpeta, named after the owner and is the partner restaurant of Cortijo Paco.

Casa Pacos is a great place to enjoy several starters or a main meal whilst looking out over the beautiful town square. 

Not only is the food excellent but his range of wines are excellent too and reasonably priced.

Casa Pacos is about 10 minutes walk away from Villa Andalucia.

Casa Paco

Closed on Mondays

Restaurante Casa Pericos

Pericos is one of the oldest running restaurants in the town. 

It takes center stage in the middle of the three restaurants in the square with a large terrace for outside and a small dining room inside for colder days. 

Pericos is famous for its homemade tapas selection available each day and on weekends their fresh seafood which comes straight up from the coast.

Pericos is about 10 minutes walk away from Villa Andalucia.

Restaurante Casa Pericos

Closed on Wednesdays

pericos restaurant in competa
Taperia restaurant in competa

La Tapería

This lovely tapas bar is found on the main square on the right in the corner by the fountain. 

The staff are superb and extremely attentive. 

You will find tapas and a mix of meats, fish and burgers on their menu as well as breakfast sandwiches on a morning which go down very well with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

La Tapería is about 10 minutes walk away from Villa Andalucía.

La Tapería

Closed on Sundays

Bistro 6

In Plaza de la Vendimia you will find the wonderful Bistro 6. If you’re looking for a home comfort whilst staying in Competa, this is where you will find it.

Gary, the chef is a fantastic cook who just masters English classics and almost puts a fine dining twist on well loved plates. Gilly, his partner will wait on you attentively ensuring your drink is always full and you feel looked after.

Bistro 6 is about 18 minutes walk away from Villa Andalucía.

Bistro 6

Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays & Sundays

bistro 6 restaurants in competa
Siddarthas on the rock restaurant in competa

Restaurante Siddartha on the Rocks.

Restaurante Siddartha on the Rocks is arguable one of the most beautiful restaurants in Cómpeta. They had a fabulous new restaurant built with a beautiful garden to dine in which is a lovely place to enjoy a G&T before dinner in the summer months.

Their menu is modern and they also specialise in pizzas. There is something to suit everyone and all moods. 

Siddarthas is about 10 minutes walk away from Villa Andalucía.

Restaurante Siddartha on the Rocks.

Closed on Tuesdays all day and Wednesday lunchtimes

El Recreo

El Recreo is a lovely bar tucked away just off the main square, behind the town hall. 

They serve a traditional Spanish menu as well as some tapas, “raciones” – small plates and pizzas. 

The service is always fantastic and you will be made to feel very welcome when visiting.

El Recreo

Closed on Tuesdays

El Balcon restaurant in Competa

Hotel y Bungalows Balcon de Competa

Whilst the name suggests it’s only a hotel ‘The Balcon’ is also open for lunch and dinner to the public.

They have a fabulous terrace with one of the best views in Cómpeta for you to enjoy a sundowner or tapas whilst looking down at the Mediterranean through the mountains.

They regularly do a BBQ in the warmer months and specials throughout the week. In the winter they even serve a traditional English roast.

El Balcon is about a 5 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.


Bar David

Right at the top of town in Plaza del Carmen you will find Bar David. It’s a modest little bar that is very traditional and very Spanish. 

Here you will get a chance to practice your Spanish speaking skills while ordering one of their delicious tapas, small plates, seafood or one of their famous prawn pilpils. 

The staff are friendly and the prices are very reasonable.

Bar David is about a 10 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

Bar David

Closed on Mondays

cafe bar david competa
Cafe bar El Chico

Bar El Chico

Bar El Chico is just over the square from Bar David in Plaza del Carmen. It is again a quintessentially Spanish “tapería” where you will get the opportunity to practise your language skills and mix with the locals. 

They serve sandwiches, tapas, burgers, hot dogs and more. It’s a fab spot to sit on a lunchtime for a “caña” (small beer) and to watch the world go by.

The service is attentive and the prices are very reasonable.

El Chico is about a 10 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

Bar El Chico

Closed on Sundays

Hierbabuena Cómpeta

Hierbabuena is a lovely little cafe found near the main carpark in town. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and close around 6pm on an afternoon.

They serve delicious breakfasts such as Eggs Benedict, Eggs royale or a fresh sandwich with your own chosen ingredients. 

Their lunches are equally lovely and they serve dishes like Moroccan inspired plates to delicious salads or roast chicken and potatoes on a Friday.

Hierbabuena Cómpeta is about a 10 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

Hierbabuena Cómpeta

Closed on Sundays

Hierbabuena Cómpeta
Bar Marcos restaurant in Competa

Bar Marcos

Bar Marcos is another very traditional Spanish bar where you can brush up on your tapas ordering skills in Spanish. 

They serve a traditional menu with small plates, meats and fishes and often traditional Spanish soups such as Callos or Puchero.

Bar Marcos is a 20 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

Bar Marcos 

Closed on Saturdays

La Italia en la Mesa

La Italia en la Mesa is a fantastic new addition to Cómpeta. If you are looking for traditional and authentic Italian food then look no further. 

You can have a delicious Neapolitan style stonebaked pizza or choose from one of their delicious pasta dishes. 

The service is fantastic and the prices are very reasonable considering the quality.

La Italia en la Mesa is about a 10 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

La Italia en la Mesa

Closed on Mondays

La Italia en la mesa
La Carpentería

La Carpentería

The Carpentería is a lovely bar which also serves a selection of bar style food for those who get peckish after a drink.

It’s the largest bar in the village and often has live music, plenty of opportunity to have a dance and even a dance class on a Thursday evening.

You will find classics like Nachos and fried chicken as part of their bar snack menu. The service is always fantastic. 

La Carpenteria is about a 10 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

The Carpentería

Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Sundays

La Bodega

La Bodega is one of the oldest bars in Competa. It’s very small but inside you will find an original wine press! It’ quite something and a must see on a visit to Competa so why not stop for a caña or a vino de Competa to check it out?

La bodega do sandwiches on a morning with traditional fillings such as jamon, cheese, tomato etc and we can’t recommend a plate of freshly cut jamon with a cerveza enough on an evening!

La Bodega is about a 11 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

La Bodega

Closed on Sundays

La bodega
cafe competa bar in competa

Cafe Cómpeta

Cafe Cómpeta is a great spot on the main car park in Cómpeta. The perfect spot for a refreshment after walking around the Saturday morning market. 

You can have a coffee or an alcoholic drink as well as order a breakfast sandwich or a tapas/small plate.

Cafe Cómpeta is about a 11 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

Cafe Cómpeta 

Closed on Sundays

La Esquina de Miguel

La Esquina de Miguel is a great spot for some breakfast or lunch.

You will find traditional breakfast sandwiches with fillings like jamon, queso or tomate and a wonderful array of tapas to choose from over lunchtime. 

Miguel also caters to his English clientele by providing fish and chips one day a week!

La Esquina de Miguel is about a 10 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

La Esquina de Miguel

Closed on Sundays

La Esquina de Miguel
Restaurante Lorena

Bar Lorena​

Bar Lorena is at the bottom of town in the “barrio”. It’s opposite the kids playground and the recycling point as you come into the village.

It’s got a lovely terrace where you can enjoy a beer and a tapas or order from their delicious menu. They serve traditional Spanish plates.

The staff are very friendly and attentive.

Bar Lorena is about a 20 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

Bar Lorena

Closed on Mondays


Kómpetabio is the newest addition to the town. 

If you are looking for something a bit more upmarket and would like to try some local ingredients with a modern twist then this is the place to do it. 

You will be able to try dishes such as a beef cheek stuffed croissant served with a cheese sauce, or even order a Thai curry. 

Kómpetabio is about a 20 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.


Closed on Tuesdays

Kómpeta Bio restauant in Competa
The Pavo Real Restaurant Competa

Pavo Real Restaurant

The Pavo Real Restaurant is the local equivalent to a “pub”. It is run by an English family and the spot to go to if you’re missing some home comforts food wise. 

In the winter they serve a traditional English roast on a Sunday and you can find dishes like sausage, egg and chips year-round. 

Pavo Real Restaurant is about a 15 minute drive from Villa Andalucía. You will need to take a car or a taxi to get there. There are no public transport options to get to this pub.

Pavo Real Restaurant

Closed on Wednesdays (from Oct)

El Picinin da Legnago

El Picinin da Legnago is a fab new little bar in town. They’re at the top of the village and just a stones throw away from Villa Andalucía. 

They serve freshly made tapas, pasta and delicious traditional Italian pizzas.

El Picinin da Legnago is less than a 5 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

El Picnin da Legnago

Closed on Mondays

El Picinin da Legnago bar in Competa