Welcome to Villa Andalucia - Your Sustainable Getaway

At Villa Andalucia, we are committed to promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Our efforts aim to not only reduce our carbon footprint but also to provide our guests with a comfortable and eco-friendly stay. Here are some of the steps we take towards sustainability:

Pool Closure Nov '23 - March '24

Due to the ongoing severity of the drought we’re experiencing in Andalucia and especially here in the Axarquía region, I have decided to cover the pool up for the rest of the winter months to stop any more water from evaporating. Despite it being a beautiful feature in the Villa Andalucia garden it’s important that we all do our part to conserve as much water as we can and hopefully by closing it over these months when very few are brave enough to get in it, we will have enough water to enjoy it and cool off in summer 2024! 

Thank you for your understanding.

electric car charging point

Electric Car Charging Point

We understand that transportation is one of the leading causes of carbon emissions. That's why we have an electric car charging point on our premises, making it easy and convenient for our guests to power up during their stay.

solar panels

Solar Panels

We are proud to use solar panels to generate both electricity and hot water, reducing our carbon footprint and conserving precious resources. In case of dull weather, we have a backup to gas and electric, ensuring a sustainable power supply.

waste and disposal

Waste Separation and Disposal

In every room, we provide bins to help guests easily separate and dispose of waste, supporting our eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives.

Benefits of Sustainability

We believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility but an opportunity to create a better future. Here are some of the benefits of sustainability:

  • Be a part of the sustainability conversation happening all over the world

  • Achieve a competitive edge by being an eco-friendly destination

  • Create a better future for your loved ones

  • Feel a sense of pride in being a part of something bigger than yourself

  • We plant new trees every year to offset any remaining carbon emissions generated by our website and other activities

Energy Consumption

We take energy consumption seriously and have implemented various measures to reduce our impact and become more sustainable, including:
  • Replacing appliances with lower consumption models, such as a new freezer and dishwasher
  • Changing bulbs to energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Upgrading to newer air conditioning units in three rooms
  • Installing solar external lighting and motion sensor lighting around the garden 20 new ones
  • Providing digital guides in the rooms to save paper
  • Lowest electric tariff available
sustainable images
sustainable water consumption

Water Consumption

We recognise the importance of conserving water and are in the process of implementing the following measures to reduce our usage:

  • Installing flow-reducers or aerators on taps
  • Changing to water-efficient shower heads
  • Installing dual flush toilets 

Website and Hosting

We are aware of the impact of the internet on the environment and have taken steps to minimize our carbon footprint:

  •  Our website is hosted green with Digital Ocean (LON1), who uses green energy and compensation for their services
  • We plant new trees every year to offset any remaining carbon emissions generated by our website and other activities
sustainable website and hosting
Cómpeta Bed and Breakfast - Aerial view of Villa Andalucia

The environment is in crisis. Our planet is warming up and we are all experiencing hotter temperatures and more frequent extreme weather events. We are at a crossroads. We can either continue as we are and risk creating an uninhabitable planet for future generations or we can take action. 

Join us at Villa Andalucia and enjoy a relaxing stay while making a positive impact on the planet.

Beautiful Bougainvillea by the mediation area at Villa Andalucia