Trust and Confidence

Our aim is to make you feel safe and have the confidence to stay here.

Villa Andalucia "A Safe and Secure Haven"

Welcome to Villa Andalucia, where your journey towards a dream holiday starts with a focus on safety and security. From the moment you enter our online booking process, you can trust us and be confident that your personal information is protected by secure encryption. Our payment system with Stripe is fully encrypted and trusted by millions, giving you peace of mind that your transactions are protected.

We are also proud to have earned the International Property Rental Approval Certification (I-PRAC) which signifies that our property has undergone a rigorous verification process to ensure that it is fully legal and that all documentation and bank accounts are secure. You can trust that when you book with us, you are booking with a genuine and trustworthy property. (more in-depth details below)

Our aim is to provide you with an experience that is not only safe and secure, but also one that feels like heaven on earth. From the stunning surroundings to the warm hospitality, we strive to make your stay with us unforgettable. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything. We look forward to welcoming you to Villa Andalucia soon!

You can trust us with Smart Payments

How does Villa Andalucía accept your payments?

When you are ready to book with Villa Andalucia, you can be confident that your credit card information will be protected. The website uses Stripe as its payment system, which is a safe and secure platform for accepting card payments. When you book directly on the website, your card details will be captured by Stripe and will not be stored by Villa Andalucia. This ensures that your personal and financial information is secure.

Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest level of certification available in the payments industry. This means that the website and its payment system meet strict security standards to ensure that your information is protected. Stripe also uses the latest security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security and protect against unauthorized access, theft or misuse of your personal and financial information.

You can be assured that your card details are safe when you book with Villa Andalucia, thanks to the use of a secure payment system and the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.

What does I-PRAC approval mean to you as a guest?

 Your comfort and safety are our top priority and we take pride in ensuring that your stay with us is as smooth and stress-free as possible. That’s why we are proud to have earned the International Property Rental Approval Certification (I-PRAC).

I-PRAC stands for International Property Rental Approval Certification.

Our I-PRAC certification means that we have undergone a rigorous verification process to ensure that our property is fully legal and that all documentation and bank accounts are secure.

Our logo has a unique ID number, which is linked to our I-PRAC public membership profile – meaning no one can fraudulently copy our logo.

Villa Andalucía is fully registered with the official Andalucia tourist board as a Casa Rural CR/MA/00335

It is sad that in these times there are more fraudulent activities in the world and I want you to feel confident that Villa Andalucia is fully trustworthy.


We are also fully registered with the Andalucia tourist board and our certificate can be verified by entering IP21-95879 on the I-PRAC homepage. (scroll down to Travellers Book with Confidence) HERE.

This will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re booking a genuine property that has been approved by a trusted third-party organization.

For your peace of mind, we strongly suggest that once you have booked you REGISTER YOUR BOOKING HERE not only does it act as a security check it also prevents fraud.

Once you have registered your booking, Villa Andalucia will automatically receive an email outlining all your personal booking details and the price you have paid. If we are aware of the booking, you will receive a final confirmation that your booking is safe and 100% secure.

This will not only protect you against fraud but also give you added peace of mind knowing that you have the I-PRAC guarantee of 100% compensation in the unlikely event of a fraudulent booking.

Your registration will be logged in the I‑PRAC website against my approved member’s ID.  If you do experience any issues, and you need to REPORT THE PROPERTY We will have your booking on file and start an investigation process. If I as an I-PRAC member found to have committed rental fraud, I-PRAC will personally reimburse 100% of your accommodation payment.

Villa Andalucia's iprac certificate
Hygiene -- woman wearing a mask

Villa Andalucía's Cleaning Protocol

At Villa Andalucía, the cleanliness and safety of our guests are of the utmost importance. We understand that when you stay with us, you want to feel confident and secure in your surroundings. That’s why we have developed  cleaning protocol that is designed to provide you with he highest level of cleanliness and safety possible.

Our cleaning staff are professional cleaners with years of experience, and they have been with us since we started the business. They are fully committed to maintaining the cleanliness and safety of our rooms.

The cleaning staff follows the guidelines issued by Andalucía Segura and the World Health Organisation (WHO). These guidelines provide the latest information on how to clean and disinfect effectively to prevent the spread of illness and disease. Our cleaning staff are fully trained in these guidelines, and they are taking every precaution to ensure that your room is as safe and clean as possible.


Responsible Tourism

I am so pleased to have also received this certification from Responsible Tourism Espanol. Future guests can be confident that our policies and procedures meet with all Covid 19, Health and Safety guidelines.


Responsible Tourism

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned above please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or  call +34 636593284