Singing Bowl Massage

April 22, 2024

Singing bowls massage

Singing bowls have their origins in Buddhist teachings. The sound of the singing bowls is not only perceptible to the ear but also has a deep effect on the body. The vibrations of the singing bowls bring balance and order to the cells. Undergoing a singing bowl massage or sound healing is a fantastic sensation for the body and mind. The attention shifts to the body, the body becomes sensitive and is able to imbue itself with the beautiful vibrations of the singing bowls.

What Happens During a Singing Bowl Massage?

During a singing bowl massage, the scales are struck close to the body or on the body. The vibrations are absorbed by the body, which creates a wonderfully relaxed feeling deep into the cells. During a singing bowl massage, various singing bowls are used. Each scale has its own unique vibration and has an effect on a specific part of the body. Singing bowl meditation is a sensation for the ear and the body! 

How Will My Body Feel During a Singing Bowl Massage?

During sound healing, various instruments are used, including singing bowls, koshi’s, rain sticks and bells. A sound healing session can take place in a group as well as individually. The interplay of the various instruments is a real pleasure for the ear, but also the body enjoys it to the fullest and completely relaxes. The sounds have an effect deep into the body. The body undergoes a sensational reset and calms the nervous system.

A singing bowl massage and sound healing is suitable for all people who want to enjoy ultimate peace and quiet and want to shut out the hectic pace of society for a moment.

Who is the Singing Bowl Massage Masseuse Therapist?

Mieke Vaessen is the masseuse behind this interesting and new offering we have available at the villa. Surrender to the sound of the bowls and enrich your body and mind with a beautiful and different massage whilst staying at Villa Andalucia. We really do want you to feel like you’ve experienced heaven on earth during your stay!

Singing Bowls Massage: 1 hour, 44€

To book a singing bowls massage, click on the email address below and contact Helen for more details.