Noche del Vino August 15th

Noche del Vino is Cómpeta’s famous wine festival. It is always held on the 15th August and the date never changes. It is a local celebration in Cómpeta of the start of the crushing of the grapes season. (During August you will find plenty of grapes to eat at Villa Andalucia, but we have not had the chance to make our own wine yet). About midday you can see some of the locals carrying the basket of grapes on their heads and the local band playing music whilst they walk to Plaza Vendimia, where they put on a display of crushing the grapes by foot to their local songs. 

There is free Vino flowing all day long and also free migas (garlic and breadcrumb fried up in huge paella dish). The local children are dressed in their flamenco gear and put a show on in the same square, also one the local groups will do a few acts as well. There is also a street market where you can buy local goods.

If you are not drunk and can manage to stay out all day and night (we haven’t managed yet) there are some awards presented by the local mayor in the evening and more dancing in the main square.

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If you have any questions about planning a stay during Noche del Vino, click on the email address below and contact Helen.