La cueva de la Victoria (Victory Cave)

September 26, 2023

Experience the Wonders of La Cueva de la Victoria

Discover a hidden world of historical significance, the victory cave or La Cueva de la Victoria, located just a few meters from the renowned Cueva del Tesoro in Rincón de la Victoria. You can reach the cave in just 45 minutes by car from Villa Andalucía.

This cave has been a place of historical significance for various civilisations, showcasing ancient inhabitants and diverse cultures over thousands of years.

Historical Significance

La Cueva de la Victoria has been a pivotal site since the Neolithic period, offering glimpses into ancient lives and rituals. Over 13,000 years ago, the cave was a bustling burial site, with the silhouettes of several inhabitants captured in its galleries, depicting vivid images of life and death from a bygone era. The cave houses 67 different anthropomorphic representations, painted in a unique, originally near-white hue, which has, over time, turned to a more yellowish tone.

Archaeological Artifacts

Beyond the captivating paintings, the cave is a treasure trove of numerous artifacts that serve as prime Neolithic references. Many of these fascinating pieces have found their home in the National Archaeological Museum, teaching visitors about the bygone eras and their intriguing cultures.

The Tour

Embarking on a journey through the cave allows visitors to traverse time and experience history in an unmatched, immersive manner. For the first time in 30,000 years, this cave is open to the public, offering a scientifically enriched, culturally abundant, and historically enlightening tour lasting two hours. This exploration allows you to witness remnants of the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages.

Visitors will witness the oldest art of the Bay of Malaga and discover how ancient residents relied on seafood as a staple food. The tour also reveals the Canopy Room, showcasing an authentic funeral hypogeum that predates the famous Egyptian tombs by 3,000 years.

Visitor Information

Before deciding to visit the cave, please note that this activity falls under Active Speleological Tourism. 

Please note:

  • Participants must be aged between 10 and 70
  • Participants should not have mobility problems or claustrophobia
  • Wear mountain or trekking shoes.
  • Comfortable clothing is advised.

    Adult entry: €16,50
    Child (under 12) entry: €13,75

    There’s no need to worry about the cold as the indoor temperature ranges between 18º and 19º Celsius.
The treasure cave i n Rincon de la victoria
The treasure cave i n Rincon de la victoria
The treasure cave i n Rincon de la victoria

To plan a day out at the cave, click on the email address below and contact Helen for more details.