Hierbabuena Cómpeta​

June 24, 2023

Hierbabuena Cómpeta

Hierbabuena is a lovely little cafe found near the main carpark in town. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and close around 6pm on an afternoon.

They serve delicious breakfasts such as Eggs Benedict, Eggs royale or a fresh sandwich with your own chosen ingredients. 

Their lunches are equally lovely and they serve dishes like Moroccan inspired plates to delicious salads or roast chicken and potatoes on a Friday.

Hierbabuena Cómpeta is about a 10 minute walk from Villa Andalucía.

Hierbabuena Cómpeta

Closed on Sundays

If you are a guest at Villa Andalucia and would like to book a table at Hierbabuena Cómpeta, click on the email address below and contact Helen.