Gemstone Meditation

April 22, 2024

Gemstone Meditation

Not only is the human body made up of energy, crystals and other gemstones (minerals) it also has a certain vibration frequency.

How Does a Gemstone Meditation Work?

It has been known for centuries that crystals and gemstones have a medicinal effect and can be healing for the body and mind. They have a certain chemical composition that acts on the human energy system, restoring disharmonic frequencies. The entire pattern of stones gives renewed energy and positively influences stuck patterns. The crystals and gemstones also contribute to emotional, mental and spiritual development.

Mieke Vaessen creates a way for you to experience the vibration of the various crystals and gemstones that are arranged in a certain way around and on your body. 

A Gemstone Meditation Can Help with:
  • Letting go of ingrained patterns and worries
  • Restoring self-image and promoting self-confidence
  • Encouraging self-knowledge and wisdom
  • Promoting courage and perseverance
  • Self-protection in unpleasant situations
  • Opening the heart and being able to forgive
  • Restoration of harmony and balance
  • Accepting your light and shadow sides
  • Learning to have compassion
  • Restore balance between male and female energy
  • Gaining insight into your life task

Let yourself be taken into these beautiful experiences and let the stones do their work in the comfort of your room or maybe even in a quiet corner of the garden in the summer! 

Gemstones and crystals meditation: 1hour, 44€

To book a Gemstone Meditation, click on the email address below and contact Helen for more details.