Cómpeta Feria

The festivities kick off on Thursday evening with a breathtaking fireworks display that lights up the night sky around 10:00 pm. The feria truly begins to unfurl its magic on Friday morning. At precisely 8:00 am, the villagers are brought into the day with a series of fireworks, a tradition that loudly announces the start of the next day of the Cómpeta feria. This practice of setting off individual fireworks carries on throughout the day and night. Just when you believe the music has receded into the background, you’ll be pleasantly awakened, assuming you’ve retired for the night, by a reprise of the fireworks at 8:00 am the next day. This recurrence is a friendly reminder that another day of festivities has commenced.

One of the major highlights is the foam party held at one of the main squares. This event offers a delightful time for every family member. I personally find it irresistible and make it a point to dive right into the heart of the excitement each year.

Cómpeta also hosts a unique greasy pole competition – an experience I am yet to try myself. Evenings are brought to life with live music groups offering an eclectic mix of entertainment. Having been a resident for several years, I still find it challenging to keep up with every night event or to participate in all the daytime activities. My usual routine involves stepping out around 11:00 pm and returning home at about 6:30 am.

Sunday, the Romería fondly known as Romany day, unfolds a unique spectacle. Villagers dressed in traditional attire gather in the main square with their horses. They proceed to parade slowly around the village, concluding their ride at the Ermita located near the crematorium.

Participating in the Foam Party keeps your spirit young and rejuvenated. Helen is often seen joining in the fun as well, alongside others indulging in the excitement of the Foam Party at the Competa Feria. The experience is truly enriching.

The villagers make it a point to arrange a plethora of events catering to all age groups, ensuring round-the-clock engagement and fun. From June through September, you’ll always find a village engrossed in their feria – a weekend replete with live music, funfairs, spectacular fireworks, and an unending flow of local vino.

Even if you happen to visit in July and miss out on Cómpeta’s feria, there’s no need for disappointment. You can always partake in the fervor of the Sayalonga, Archez, Corumbela, or Canillas Ferias.

Photos by Ayuntamiento Cómpeta

If you have any questions about planning a stay during Cómpeta Feria, click on the email address below and contact Helen.