Wine Tasting & Stunning Gourmet Lunch at Bodegas Bentomiz

June 1, 2023

An Astonishing Backdrop

Set amidst a rugged landscape and steep vineyards, Bodegas Bentomiz sits nestled between the imposing Sierra Tejeda mountains to the north and the serene Mediterranean Sea to the south. This unique geographical positioning provides not only the perfect conditions for viticulture but also a breathtaking setting in which to savour a leisurely afternoon glass of their finest wine.

A Fusion of Methods

At Bodegas Bentomiz, they have adopted a blend of modern and traditional vinification techniques, a combination that has proven to be most effective. Their pursuit of achieving the perfect equilibrium of sweetness and acidity leads them to sun-dry their harvested grapes. They either lay the bunches on local ‘paseros’ (raisin-beds) or on their own innovative floating racks, which allow air to circulate around the fruit.

During the sun-drying process, their forecourt becomes a vast expanse of grapes, giving the impression of a bodega adrift in a sea of fruit. The wines are fermented in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks, with some aged in oak barrels and others ‘on the lees’ in stainless-steel tanks.

Bodega Bentomiz wine tour and tasting

It is a harmonious balance between traditional and contemporary, coupled with their hands-on approach, that enables them to craft a remarkable range of fresh, delicate and elegant wines. The testament to this can be found in over 20 Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe, including El Celler de Can Roca, De Karmeliet, SantCeloni, Ramon Freixa, Enoteca Paco Pérez, and De Kromme Watergang, who proudly serve the Ariyanas wines to their discerning guests.

It is their privilege at Bodegas Bentomiz to contribute to these extraordinary gastronomic experiences, and they invite you to savour the fruits of their dedicated labour.

Starts 12:30. Visit to see the vineyard and winery and hear their story, then enjoy a tasting of four Ariyanas wines – perhaps accompanied with a Tasting Platter.

Tour & Tasting 17€

Tasting Platter 8€

Starts 12:30. A guided tour of the winery, a tasting of four wines, (+/- tasting platter) then a gourmet lunch (served at 14:00).

Tour, tasting + 3-course menu: 55€
Wine pairing 13€

Tour, tasting + 5-course menu: 62€
Wine pairing 19€

Tour, Tasting + Inspiration menu (10 courses): 83
Wine pairing 29,00€

Drinks ordered at table; other options include wine by the glass, beer, grape juice, coca-cola and water

Starts 14:00. Of course you are welcome to go just for lunch.

3-course menu: 43€
Wine pairing 13€

5-course menu: 56€
Wine pairing 21€

Inspiration menu (10 courses): 71€ per person.
Wine pairing 29€

Drinks ordered at table; other options include wine by the glass, beer, grape juice, coca-cola and water

Vinyard tour plus winetasting experience

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