Villa Andalucía’s 4 Day Relaxation Package

December 14, 2022

How about a special break away with your special person, loved one or friend? No matter what the weather decides to do, we’ll have a warm welcome waiting for you, as you step out of the stress of your everyday life and spend some time with us at Villa Andalucía…. read on to find out more about our 4-day pampering package and  couple relaxation packages…

4-day pampering and relaxation package

I have put together a 4-day pampering package known as our new ‘Relaxation Package’. As it suggests it is for relaxing and what a wonderful place to do it here at Villa Andalucía!

I had great success in organising one of these last year and now based on feedback from all of you, I may be offering it as a package all year round!

Sounding like something you’re wanting to do?

To find out exactly what I have planned for you, don’t waste any more time, click the link below to see the full itinerary.

Maybe you would love to give this ‘Relaxation Package’ as a gift to a loved one for a specific celebration or just because you want to! We can arrange a gift voucher for you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!





 “Helen, the owner, is very professional and very friendly; a really lovely lady. One of Helen’s contacts came to do beauty treatments in the room, very easy to be pampered when everything can happen at the villa if you wish. It’s just a short/medium walk to Competa town centre.” Fiona UK


A: Yes, if you do not want any treatments you can have the day to yourself, You also have the morning free on the day we go to Malaga we can tailor this “Relaxation Package” to be exactly what you want.

A: Up to 10 people can stay at one time, if you are single, a couple or a group of friends we can cater for you.

A: Yes if I know in advance, if you are a couple and only one of you wants to go that is not a problem, if none of you want to go that can also be arranged. This is your “Relaxation Package”

A: Yes, of course! AND you state that at the time of booking, so the price can be altered accordingly. ALSO if you want to extend your stay you are welcome to do so.

Helen Hares owner of Villa Andalucia


Your host at Villa Andalucía

Mel our beauty technician


Our facial and nail technician Beauty by Mel Green

Emmanuel giving a massage


One of our superb masseuse specialists

Liz the masousse


Our aromatherpy, massage and reflexology specialist