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Andalucía Segura

What does Andalucía Segura mean for you?

It means the chance of you having a discounted holiday, yes a 25% savings on a 3-night stay!

Read on to find out how!

 Andalucía Segura is a government initiative to give the hospitality sector in our beautiful region a helping hand in trying times of Covid-19.

You may have seen on our SOCIAL MEDIA that we are now a recognised establishment within the Andalucía Segura (Safe Andalusia) community.

For the peace of mind of all our guests, the Andalucía Segura badge ensures that we as an establishment have complied with all the WHO guidelines for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 here in Spain.

You can see on our ROOMS page a PDF of the new protocols that we have implemented to ensure both your safety and our own.

Now for the great news!

There is a discount available if you already live in the region!

If you are resident in Andalucía, you can apply for the “Bono Turistico” (tourism grant). The grant will entitle you to a discount of 25% (with a maximum of €300) if you stay 3 nights or more!

Sounds great right!

To find out more about how to apply click on BONO TURISTICO

If you do not know of a travel agent that also has the badge I can recommend OLETRIPS they will be able to help you.

When you are on the page all you need to do is scroll down the page to ESTABLISHMENTS WITH THE “ANDALUSIA SEGURA” SEAL type in Villa Andalucía and press search and hey presto I am there!

Andalucía is so full of local delights, if you haven´t travelled as much as you might have liked in 2020 we would love to encourage you to try the Axarquia area.

And of course, we recommend you go to the popup on our home page Villa Andalucía to sign up for our free digital guide of the area. This will ensure you peace of mind and have a great base to explore the surrounding white villages!

If you have any questions to ask before pressing the book ONLINE you can either send me an EMAIL chat with me online (if I don’t respond straight away just leave me your email or phone number I will replay ASAP) or call me on +34 636593284 I am here to help you.

Look forward to seeing you here at Villa Andalucía